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There’s enough office work on your hands. Don’t add junk removal work on top of that. Contact DUMP IT for fast and friendly office cleanout services instead.

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What’s in your office? Heavy furniture? Unwanted electronics? Broken cabinets and other kinds of trash? At the end of the day, if you don’t want this stuff, then it’s junk. And who better to contact for junk removal than the office cleanouts team at DUMP IT?

Should You Choose DUMP IT For Office Cleanout Services

Office junk removal is not would many people would describe as easy work. This is especially true if you have office tasks to do on top of it. Why don’t you stick to what you’re good at and let DUMP IT do what they’re good at? We boast a full-service crew that’s happy to serve offices and other businesses in Modesto, CA and other nearby areas. Our team can remove all your office’s clutter fast while you focus on the things you need to do!

The process of removing junk from the office is tough when you’re only one person. So instead of doing this work for yourself, let our crew of multiple members do it instead. Since there are more of us, we’ll get the work done in a fraction of time it would have taken you. We’ll also be sure to be friendly and courteous to you all the way through your appointment. We’re happy to help you!

Our Pricing

What do office cleanouts cost when you choose DUMP IT? That depends on how much office junk you need to get rid of.

Show all of it to us at the beginning of your appointment, and we’ll be able to estimate the total volume. Then, we’ll use that total volume to calculate the final cost of the job. How handy is that?

How It Works
  1. When we are on our way to your office, we will give you a phone call. That way, you know we’re near, and you can meet us at the office’s entrance.
  2. Let us know about all the stuff you’d like to get rid of, then approve our upfront service quote so we can get started. Once you approve our quote, the price is final.
  3. Our staff will haul away all your unwanted office junk, then sweep up behind ourselves as well so that office space can look its best.
  4. Finally, we’ll take the office junk away for disposal. Whenever possible, we donate gently used furniture and other items.

Office Furniture Removal in Modesto, CA

Removing office furniture can be a challenge. Sure, you can probably handle a single rolling chair, but what happens when you have a few dozen that have to go? What about if you need to remove heavy office desks and tables? Some items, such as cubicles, even require disassembly. Suddenly, what you were hoping to be a quick removal job is looking like a day-long venture. If you don’t have all day for furniture removal, don’t worry, because DUMP IT can finish this work fast.

Just point us to the unwanted furniture. We’ll break it down if needed, then haul it off the property. If the furniture is really heavy, then we’ll just ask more team members to come along for the ride. That way, no furniture has to be stranded in your office. Instead, it’ll wind up in the back of our truck!


Established in 2017, DUMP IT provides friendly junk removal services with a focus on our community. We grew up here, and we found commercial success here. As a result, we owe a lot to our neighborhood. So if you’re a neighbor that needs to get rid of junk, contact us, a crew built up from members of your community. We’ve got fair prices, fast service, and so much more that you’ll appreciate.

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Just call 209-620-6873 or email [email protected]  for your instant services quote today!