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Are you dealing with junk at your business? If so, contact us to schedule commercial junk removal services. We’ll make your workplace clean and clutter-free so you can focus on the job again!

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When it comes to the business world, Modesto, CA is hardly a modest place. In fact, there are commercial spaces just about everywhere you see. Supermarkets, wineries, warehouses, and farms are just a few examples of these businesses. And all of these businesses have something in common: they generate junk. That’s just a fact of life! Need commercial junk removal services? If so, contact DUMP IT to arrange a junk removal appointment today.

Just like how you are running a local business, we are a local business, too. We are personally invested in your success because when you’re doing well, we’re all doing well. We’re all part of the same regional economy, after all. So don’t let junk slow down your day-to-day operations any longer. Get in touch with us, and our junk removal crew will be there soon!

Why Our Commercial Cleanouts?

Commercial debris removal is a difficult project to work into your schedule because it can consume so much of your free time. Compound this with the fact that you’re already running a business, and it can seem like getting rid of commercial junk is impossible. Above all else, it’s clear you don’t have time for this project. So why not let someone else do it? DUMP IT provides professional commercial junk removal services so you can focus on your work while we haul the junk. By the time we’re done, your workplace will be clutter-free, meaning no more junk distracting you from day-to-day business!

As someone with a business to run, you have a budget to keep track of. What this means is that you don’t have infinite amounts of money to throw at junk removal services. Fortunately, we don’t need an infinite amount of money. In fact, we only ask for a reasonable sum in exchange for what we do. We charge based on volume, meaning whether the job is big or small, you’ll pay a fair, sliding-scale rate that you and your wallet will find to be more than agreeable. There are no hidden fees either!

Let’s get started today! Contact us online or call us at 209-620-6873 to get in touch with us. Tell us about the commercial junk you’re dealing with, and we’ll be able to confirm your appointment details from there.

How Commercial Junk Removal Services Work
  1. You have a tight schedule to keep, which is why we’ll always be there right on time. We’ll give you a courtesy call shortly before our arrival so you know when to expect us.
  2. We’ll look over all the commercial junk so we can prepare an upfront service quote for you. Please approve our quote so we can get straight to work!
  3. Our junk removal professionals will work swiftly to haul away all your junk. Additionally, we’ll sweep up behind ourselves so your commercial space shines.
  4. After we leave, we will donate any lightly used items we collected before recycling and discarding the rest. Thanks for choosing DUMP IT!

Commercial Furniture Removal

There are many kinds of commercial furniture that you can find in business spaces. Offices are filled with desks, tables, and chairs. Hotels have dressers, beds, and mattresses. Even doctor’s offices have a collection of sofas out in the lobby. Long story short, if you are running a business, there is almost certainly furniture to be found there. What this means is that situations arise where you need to get rid of this furniture. Whether it’s because it got old or because you are refreshing your company’s look, you just might need to get rid of furniture! However, it’s so heavy, you may be unable to handle it alone. Need help? This sounds like yet another job for DUMP IT.

We are prepared to handle furniture removal jobs because we have a crew of multiple people who are strong and capable. It’s much easier to haul furniture away when you have multiple pairs of helping hands, after all. What’s more, we will exercise caution to make sure we don’t bump or scuff any of your walls or other belongings. We’ll move that furniture into our truck without a hitch!

About Us

Got Junk? DUMP IT! We are a local company offering full-service junk removal in Modesto and the entire Central Valley, and we are always looking forward to delighting our customers. We’re a five-star business for a reason, and we want to show you why in person. Book an appointment with us, and you’ll be on the receiving end of our courteous, professional service for yourself. We’ll make you feel like a neighbor for a fair and affordable price. There’s a lot to like with DUMP IT!

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