Junk Removal in Ceres, CA

Tired of junk on your home, business, or other property in Ceres? Contact us, the team at DUMP IT, and we’ll put a quick end to this frustrating problem.

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Ceres, CA is not only home to beautiful neighborhoods and commercial districts but also natural sites such as Ceres River Bluff Regional Park. To help keep Ceres looking great, we provide junk removal in Ceres that residents and commercial entities alike can take advantage of. DUMP IT is ready to serve you, Ceres. In fact, we even have same-day and next-day availability for you to consider!

Why Our Junk Removal in Ceres?

Junk removal is more complicated than you might think. Not only do you have to haul your unwanted things off your property, but you also have to take them to a disposal site and even pay dump fees! Because of this, when your local trash collection services won’t take your junk, you’re left in a sticky situation. Get out of it fast by contacting DUMP IT for the professional help you need.

We’re proud to serve Ceres and many other junk removal locations. Contact us now, and we’ll discuss the sorts of things you need removed from your property. Then, we’ll be there soon to haul it all away. All it costs is a simple, volume-based price. We never add hidden fees to your final bill either!

How Ceres Junk Removal Works
  1. Whether you’re in the heart of Ceres or somewhere in the outskirts, you can count on us to be there within the 2-hour arrival window.
  2. After we have seen all the junk you need us to take away, just approve our upfront service quote. Then, we’ll be able to get straight to work.
  3. Our team takes care not to bump your junk against any walls as we haul it through your property, out the door, and into the back of our truck.
  4. Finally, we’ll accept your payment and take the junk away for disposal. Isn’t it great how DUMP IT saved you the trouble of DIY junk removal?

Appliance Removal in Ceres, CA

Struggling to remove an unwanted appliance from your property? When a refrigerator fails, you have to act fast to save all your food. This becomes doubly as important if it’s a refrigerator inside your restaurant business. There are many other circumstances that might call for the removal of an appliance, too. Want to get rid of an old washer and dryer set? A freezer that isn’t getting the job done? A water heater that’s gone kaput? In all of these scenarios, our appliance removal pros can help you out.

Appliances are heavy, and that’s not exactly a secret. However, our team has plenty of muscle, meaning we can lift up bulky appliances without any complaints. We can even use a moving dolly if necessary. That way, your appliance can get off your property and go inside our truck instead. Need help placing your new replacement appliances? We can help with that as well for an additional labor charge.


DUMP IT sees something special and beautiful in the Modesto area, and we’re working hard to help preserve it. What better way to keep things looking clean than tidying up our customers’ messes? No matter where your clutter is, we’re prepared to take it off your hands. Our crew looks clean, too! That’s because they wear neat uniforms and big smiles. What’s with those grins anyway? Well, in short, it’s because we’re always happy to take on junk removal projects for our clients. Be our next customer by contacting us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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